¿Acechar o asechar?

acechar.jpgVer conjugación acechar.

(Del lat. assectāri, seguir, perseguir).

1. tr. Observar, aguardar cautelosamente con algún propósito.

Ver conjugación asechar.

(Del lat. assectāri, ir al alcance de alguien).

1. tr. Poner o armar asechanzas.


(De asechar).

1. f. Engaño o artificio para hacer daño a alguien. U. m. en pl.

El otro día vi a un compañero de trabajo buscando en la RAE el significado de "asecho". Eso me recordó un episodio cuando colaboraba en El Mercurio y entrevisté a unos niños de Quilaco, Región del Bío-Bío, quienes tenían un programa llamado "Estudiantes al acecho".

Cuando le pregunté al profesor encargado qué quería decir esta palabra, me respondió que era estar atento, "al aguaite". Rápidamente me aclaró que "asecho" también existe y que alude a una trampa. "Como las asechanzas del demonio", ejemplificó.

Como ven, una letra cambia una actitud curiosa y contemplativa por una conducta malintencionada, como la del mismísimo diablo.




me ayudo mucho


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Likely to the prom really should be the highlight of the girl’s life throughout superior college. When attending this sort of a special day, you are likely to want to find an ideal prom dress prom dress . Understanding the body variety can assist you inside your look for a dress .

Customarily, ladies put on extended prom dresses prom dresses that are ankle length or probably a touch extended to prom. Right now that trend has began to fade. The short prom dresses is now accepted being a stylish decision to the prom. This type of dress can search just as elegant and elegant like a longer dress and just as much interest really should be provided when picking out them. You should appear breathtaking on your dress but staying cozy is also significant.

In searching for short prom dresses short prom dresses , it’s best to most certainly have your measurements in the bust right down to the waist and hips. It might be handy in finding all of it ideal, prom dress girl as designers will not genuinely possess a traditional set of measurements. Be keen regarding color, duration strapless wedding gown , the fabric, sleeves, and neckline. Assess just how it suits you as not simply would it be flattering in your curves, it could also be comfortable as the occasion goes on.

A short prom dress to get a human being who has an athletic form is excellent since it accentuates their muscular legs. The athletic system type tends to be square in the shoulders so spaghetti straps deliver the results nicely. If you’ cocktail dress sale cocktail dress sale plus size wedding dresses for cheap plus size wedding dresses for cheap silver cocktail dresses uk silver cocktail dresses ukre formed like an hourglass, then your curves might be the key concentrate. Pretty much any model dress seems awesome on this system kind, but a halter prime dress can be a fantastic option. As to the pear form evening dress sales , attempt a dress that may be extra fitted with the top and waistline then flows out on the bottom. A baby doll dress or an A line fits this sort properly. And just because as well as size ladies might be relatively hippy and busty, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they cannot glance awesome in the short prom dress also. In case you just stick to the policies of accentuating your wonderful property and actively playing down your not so wonderful ones, bridesmaids dresses sale most of these dresses will often search excellent.

Quick dresses are usually not automatically for everyone. Then again, they’re available in interesting kinds and colours. They have a different look that you will not acquire in traditional styles. In addition, they’re surely in retaining using the present-day trends.

As with any styles of dresses, when you find yourself thinking about buying short prom dresses from designers like Sherry Couture, ensure you consider them on. What looks superior within the hanger may not be ideal to suit your needs cocktail dresses cocktail dresses, or even the one that does not seem like a great deal within the hanger might possibly take your breath away.

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Everyone needs a dress that they wouldn't normally wear.Something out of the ordinary wedding gown simple wedding gown simple, out of their typical style. The dress above is my go to dress for just that. This dress is Tulle and I am in love. It is most definitely not preppy and it's a bit more revealing than I'm used to but that's what makes it fun and daring for me. This is perfect for any college gal's budget because all of Tulle's products are not too pricey at all and the quality is MUCH better than Forever21. This dress is called the Bustier Dress because the top of the dress is stitched to look like a bustier. It is currently on sale for $31.80 which is a steal. Plus, you don't want to spend a lot of money on trendier items that will go out of style in a season or two.
Here is a closer-up version of the top half of the dress so you can see the bustier detailing. The dress is fully lined and hits a little above my knee. The straps are thin and adjustable. I would say that their sizes fit on the smaller side. I ordered up and while I think I could have gone with the small, I ordered medium and it is plenty comfortable. Plus I like to size up when I am getting a more revealing piece of clothing so that it doesn't look overly revealing (tip: do this for those skimpy Halloween costumes. I order two sizes up to ensure that I don't  wholesale bridal dresses look like I'm wearing anything skimpy).

The back of the dress sports an exposed zipper-- another trendier aspect of this dress. This dress will be great for more casual date parties and for when I want to look out of the ordinary from what I usually wear. 

  bridal lace bridal lace; red carpet oscars dresses red carpet oscars dressesHere is another fun party dress party dress that I absolutely love. In fact this could double as a party dress and a day dress. Wear this dress with heels out at night and it's perfect for a party but add a turtleneck evening bridesmaid dresses , tights, and flats and your ready for the day.

I decided to do two items in one post because I got both of these items from Tulle. I can't seem to find this exact coat on the website but it was on sale as well. Tulle is another great website to get statement coats from. I love this coat because it reminds me of something Dorthy Draper from Mad Men would wear or Samantha from Bewitched would wear. The coat has an intricate design on it but from far away, the design just gives the coat texture. This jacket would be perfect paired with denim, beach weddings dresses flower girl dresses for cheap flower girl dresses for cheap colored denim, skirts, and dresses dresses . Dress casually but throw this coat on and your outfit is instantly kicked up a notch.

The quality of this coat is impeccable and not something that you would expect from a website with such inexpensive prices. I cannot wait to debut this jacket when the days start to get chilly. This will be perfect from late October all the way through March.

Here is another great option for a statement coat. It's a classic double breasted jacket but with a twist. The jacket is a lot more fitted than a traditional double breasted coat and the ruffles add an updated, girly touch. Not to mention the sangria color will add a punch to any outfit.

Do you have a statement jacket? Do you have a fun party dress that is a little out of your style comfort zone? wedding dresses wholesale Have you ever shopped Tulle before? Have a fabulous day!


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It again will not be exaggeration to convey which wedding gown diamond jewelry includes be converted into the particular centerpiece of wedding ceremony and also proper situations because the dessinateurs are usually favoring easier morning attire however wedding cakes crawling all of them a stylish diamond jewelry dessus. Chances are you’ll expend a whole lot renewable energy in to styling as well as deciding on the actual best dress for a wedding day that you simply are likely to leave out the equipment. On the other hand special day will be improved using the proper section of jewellery. Though discovering the right diamond necklace to use along with the night time outfit can be somewhat challenging, a few recommendations could definitely enable you to. prom dresses 2011 cheap prom dresses 2011 cheap

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A great way to accent a new V fretboard, scoop fretboard or bloat necked outfit would be by putting on a follicle of drops or black pearls. And it is quite simple to find drops and pearl nuggets in one or even more colors that’ll be go completely with virtually any dress . If you’ tiered prom dresses by scala ;re wearing any prom outfit or mixture dress, it is possible to complete this glam glimpse by wearing anything with a little twinkle. Check out a great olive pearl pendant set on the internet that would improve the elegance of your respective attire.

Should you be wearing an outfit with a directly, revealing neck line, the best way to push away a person’s eye from your bosom is usually to try a choker. Any strand involving small goblet beads or possibly a choker made from uric acid and treasures is a most suitable choice with the very low neck or even strap-less gown . It has an easy method to outline the necklace if you discover it challenging to find the a single you love.

Go with a pendant and also grab a new length of gold or rare metal chain to suit it. You’ll be able to choose a heart-shaped as well as star-shaped pendant as is also always the actual classic selection.

For a wedding dress with a details neckline various necklace variations can be used. You can attempt a extraordinary multi-strand necklace within pearl, precious stone or crystal clear. Single or even double locks of uncomplicated chains can be paired to have a classic type. Make sure to placed a stunning au cours de along with the sensitive Y bracelet you are making use of.

Since a new square neck line draws focus to your guitar neck, it is better to choose necklace which can be stunning especially a wide variable strand choker. Or maybe you can get a dramatic individual or twice strand pendant. If the rear of the night time gown is quite high or perhaps very low, select a choker for excessive back and also lariat for a very low neck.

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It’ sweetheart neckline cocktail dress ;s important to dress for the job you want vintage short wedding dress sale vintage short wedding dress sale backless prom dresses backless prom dresses vintage cocktail dresses sydney , which is why most supermodels begin their careers as mannequins. Get clothed for success with today’s Groupon: for $45, you get $100 worth of jewelry and gifts at Ella Blu.

Ella Blu ensconces customers’ elegant appendages with boutique clothing and jewelry items simple wedding dresses sale simple wedding dresses sale, and its gift department outfits fashionable residences with attractive housewares. In addition to specializing in bridal and pageant dresses panoply prom dresses panoply prom dresses, the home-and-body boutique carries a vast selection of daywear including jewelry, handbags, and coats. Customers can peruse the jewelry collection to dapple décolletage with subtle pendants ($20+) or hide tan lines from a set of manacles with one of Ella Blu’s fine bracelets ($30). Striking heels by Alisha Hill ($192) adorn toe holders with a tasteful array of reflective embellishments, and bridal-themed picture frames immortalize customers’ seventeen prom dresses unforgettable milestones. Guests can also adopt pewter bows from the gift department ($75), which add a bit of shine to tables and cabinets while encouraging reflections to visit more often.

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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

You have good reason to be jaded by the NFL this offseason, as the labor rift between the owners and players has created a climate of despair as the 2011 season rapidly approaches.

But keep the faith. When the NFL returns to fully operational — and it will be again soon — there are still plenty of reasons to love the league and its game.

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From the Cowboys cheerleaders to the new wave of rookie quarterbacks to the Red Zone Channel — there are at least 100 reasons to love the NFL. (AP Photo)

Slideshow: Check out some of the NFL's biggest personalities, gleaned from our 100 reasons

With 100 days before kickoff is set, here are our 100 reasons we still love the NFL during the lockout:

1. We love football. Let's now hope the owners' and players' love of the game wins out over the love of money.

2. We love that for all the consternation about the lockout, we still haven't missed any games.

3. We love Chad Ochocinco riding rodeo steers, playing MLS, racing horses, wrangling snakes, saying anything and everything. He's your hands-down offseason MVP.

4. We love Terrible Towels waving on the set of "Dancing With The Stars." Bravo, Hines Ward.

5. We love Troy Polamalu earning his history degree at USC and his sage advice: "I truly love football ... but it's certainly not a replacement for an education."

6. We love the Saints' commitment to community. The latest: a raffle to join player workouts. Imagine catching passes from a pumped-up Drew Brees: "Giving back to the people of New Orleans is something every single Saints player feels passionate about." — USA Today.

7. We love inspiring stories of players working to come back from season-ending injuries: DeMeco Ryans, Matthew Stafford, Ryan Grant and plenty others. Keep up the fight.

8. We love Bears rookie linebacker J.T. Thomas for staying true to himself. The former West Virginia star escorted a wheelchair-bound teenager to her middle school dance after the 14-year-old said all the boys she had asked had turned her down.

9. We love the Summer of Suh — Ndamukong that is. World-record tweetup, Nick Fairley, Euro road rally, Chrysler commercials. He’ jc penney prom dresses ;s already the face of Detroit sports.

10. We love following players on Twitter. Rashard Mendenhall and Reggie Bush got the most pub for their controversial Tweets, but there are so many other current and former stars who entertain us in 140 characters or fewer.

11. We love following Colts owner Jim Irsay on Twitter. How many NFL owners tweet freely about their star quarterback, favorite song lyrics and legit giveaways?

12. We love bold statements. Rex Ryan is once again confident the Jets will win the Super Bowl. Brian Urlacher is pumped up for the Bears to get where the rival Packers are. Even without organized football activities, the competitive juices are still flowing.

13. We love Urlacher standing by his man, Jay Cutler, months after the loss to the Packers in the NFC title game. "If Jay could have been in there, he would have been. That's all I know. He's not a little [expletive.] He's a tough dude. He played hurt, and anyone who watches our games knows how tough he is." — Chicago Sun-Times.

14. We love Bears vs. Packers. Three times again, please.

15. We love Jets vs. the Patriots. Three times again, please. Ryan vs. Belichick is the contemporary NFL version of Ali vs. Frazier. The Jets return to Foxborough on Oct. 9 at 4:15 p.m. What would Bart Scott say about this? beautiful bridal gowns beautiful bridal gowns

16. We love not hearing much about Brett Favre. Remember when the future Hall of Famer used to dominate offseason headlines: "will he or won't he?" or "did he or didn't he"? red wedding gown dress We're glad that seems like distant memory while we're hearing about CBAs and stays.

17. We love hearing about NFL players' spouses and girlfriends. From Gisele Bundchen to Candice Crawford — the ladies are just as fascinating as the men.

18. We love Gisele and Tom. Maybe Candice and Tony will be just as popular, and Khloe and Lamar just might get reality competition from the NFL soon.

19. We love rookies who entertain us through song. Isn't that right, new Panthers QB Cam Newton?

20. We love jersey squabbles. Newton wore No. 2 at Auburn and prefers to wear it in the NFL. Jimmy Clausen says he plans to keep it with Carolina. Go ahead and take No. 1, Cam. That's where you'll be on the depth chart.

21. We love the Redskins' annual offseason drama. It's not just at quarterback with Donovan McNabb, John Beck and Rex Grossman. It's Dan Snyder, Albert Haynesworth, Clinton Portis saying he wants to get back at Washington, allegations of partying too much and diva defensive backs. A truly fun bunch.

22. We love McNabb always taking the high road.

23. We love imagining what Michael Vick will do for the Eagles this season.

24. We love thinking about Peyton Manning making the quarterback position look easy again. Meanwhile, we'll hear a lot more about his neck and his contract.

25. We love the Ravens' defensive 1-2 punch. Ray Lewis is 36, and Ed Reed turns 33 in Week 1. Cherish every interception lateral and sack dance while you still can.

26. We love a once-in-a-generation defensive talent — like Ndamukong Suh.

27. We love the second-year QBs, too. We know Sam Bradford is a keeper, and just maybe Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy are too.

28. We love Peyton Hillis. Hillis upset Michael Vick for "Madden 12" cover honors. Who needs LeBron? This working man's hero just might be the new "King of Cleveland."

29. We love how Mike Holmgren is just as relevant and important a man in the NFL today as he was with the Packers in 1992.

30. We love the genius of Bill Belichick for continuing to sound like he's saying a lot, even when he's not. On the possibility of a scaled-back playbook: "Could definitely be subject to being trimmed back. Maybe drastically. I don't know, but it's possible, sure." — Boston Herald.

31. We love Jerry Jones for never holding back what's truly on his mind. "I didn't spend $1.2 billion to build a stadium and not have the Cowboys playing football in it this year." — Dallas Morning News.

32. We love the giant TV in the House That Jerry Built. Although, it's much better with football on the tube, not “Golden Girls” reruns.

33. We love seeing millionaires work out at the YMCA and at high schools.

34. We love Broncos safety David Bruton working as a substitute teacher during the lockout. We feel for NFL players who aren't even close to being millionaires.

35. We love a different kind of super sub. You never know who from a roster of 53 men will play a key role in a big game.

36. We love the NFL's street-to-starter stories. It's not shocking when a recently unemployed guy ends up starting by midseason.

37. We love watching kickers warm up before a game. We marvel at their power and accuracy. They get a lot of heat but are often the coolest in big games.

38. We love that every game is a big game. We cherish the big buildup to next Sunday.

39. We love pre-game introductions. There's nothing like jacked players running out of the tunnel.

40. We love Ray Lewis chanting and dancing before every home game. Running backs who visit Baltimore, beware.

41. We love when Drew Brees does the same thing for the Saints.

42. We love the rumble and excitement of the opening kickoff.

43. We love there's so much action on every NFL play. Anything can happen when 22 players are moving at once.

44. We love big plays. They are rare, but every game has a handful of them that determine the outcome.

45. We love trick plays. You never know when you'll see a flea flicker, an end around or the Wildcat formation.

46. We love watching our fantasy players score on big or trick plays.

47. We love highlights. Even with Sunday Ticket, you can't see every play of every game. We look forward to finally seeing that return by Devin Hester or that catch by Larry Fitzgerald.

48. We love NFL Films. The old-school highlights. Ed and Steve Sabol. The music. The old uniforms. The mud. The classic characters and games. Reliving the Ice Bowl for the umpteenth time.

49. We love we can still hear the voice of John Facenda in our heads.

50. We love hearing the sounds. John Williams sets the tone for Sunday nights. We love not working and banging the drum all day after the Packers score a touchdown. But nothing gets us fired up like "The Autumn Wind" is a Raider.

"63. We love free agency. Get on with it, Commish. Our team has a hole at cornerback and can't wait to make a pitch to Nnamdi Asomugha."

51. We love hearing big-game announcers. Are Joe and Troy in New York or Dallas this week? Can't wait to hear Colinsworth's take on that. Al Michaels is a true professional. Jon Gruden loves everyone.

52. We love the technology. The Red Zone Channel. NFL on HD. Sal Pal live from Philly. Adam Schefter's pre-game tweets. Fantasy alerts on our phones. Scoring updates on the bottom line. Facebook trash talk. How did we ever live without all of that?

53. We love legends coming back to the modern game. Let's wish John Elway more good fortune with the Broncos.

54. We love celebrating moments from the past. The Drive. The Catch. The Immaculate Reception.

55. We love two-minute drives. Peyton Manning squeezing every drop out of 90 seconds. Drew Brees threading the needle. Ben Roethlisberger turning potential sacks into big plays.

56. We love sibling rivalries. We've had Peyton vs. Eli. We've seen Tiki vs. Ronde. Now we get Jim vs. John in an all-Harbaugh Thanksgiving.

57. We love cold-weather games. The Frozen Tundra of Lambeau Field, seeing each players’ breath coming out of helmets as linemen kneel at the line of scrimmage. That's football.

58. We love games in all sorts of elements, from single digits to hot-and-humid temperatures, in driving rain and in snow. Adam Vinatieri knows all about blizzard football.

59. We love the turnover battle, unique prom dresses under 200 the great equalizer. "Any given Sunday" is never truer when the favored teams get into an interception or fumbling funk.

60. We love second-guessing even the best coaches. How could Andy Reid leave himself without any timeouts? How could Mike Shanahan bench Donovan McNabb? short blue strapless prom dresses

61. We love the draft, the biggest non-game event in any sport. It gets previewed and analyzed for months, and now it has turned into three-day primetime gold.

62. We love seventh-round draft picks from Bethel College, especially 6-4, 400-pound Bills lineman Michael Jasper, who calls himself a "freak athlete."

63. We love free agency. Get on with it, Commish. Our team has a hole at cornerback and can't wait to make a pitch to Nnamdi Asomugha.

64. We love plotting out which team Plaxico Burress will play for next — even before he's released from prison.

65. We love diva wide receivers. Where will Randy Moss, T.O. and Ochocinco go?

66. We love the thought of Moss joining forces with Rex Ryan in New York. Big name, big market summer wedding colors pictures summer wedding colors pictures, big mouth. Pure gold.

67. We love we're still talking football. The NFL's open market is frozen but that hasn't kept its hot-stove league from sizzling.

68. We love we're still talking fantasy football. Who should you draft first: Adrian Peterson or Chris Johnson? Everyone should want Aaron Rodgers.

69. We love the Lambeau Leap. Right now, it's some guy from Racine doing it on the stadium tour. We can't wait until it happens after Rodgers-to-Greg Jennings again.

70. We love Titletown living up to its name again. The Packers are up to a league-high 13 championships.

71. We love the Packers going for a repeat. Green Bay is trying to become the first team to repeat as NFC champion since, well, the Packers won back-to-back NFC titles in 1996 and 1997.

72. We love the Packers' "cheerleaders" are cheesehead gals in the stands. Fans of the Steelers, Bears, Giants, Browns and Lions have also done just fine without those attractive distractions.

73. We love we're still OK with the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders — and the rest of the NFL's pom squads. Radio City can have the Rockettes — we'll take the Raiderettes.

74. We love the Hogettes; men secure enough to wear dresses and pig noses.

75. We love the Redskins and Ravens having marching bands. Who said the NFL doesn’t have any college football-style pageantry?

76. We love fight songs. "Hail to the Redskins" and "Bear Down, Chicago Bears" are two of our favorite refrains.

77. We love battle cries. From "Who Dey" in Cincinnati to "Who Dat" in New Orleans, we get fired up just like the players do. J-E-T-S? Yes, Yes, Yes!

78. We love rocking home domes, from that Super one in the bayou to that one with a hole in its roof in Minnesota. That Vikings horn is still ringing in our ears.

79. We love the 12th Man in Seattle. Rock, chalk red junior prom dresses red junior prom dresses, Seahawk?

80. We love nicknames. Our new favorite is Chicago rookie offensive tackle Gabe Carimi, aka "The Bear Jew." Also, "Matty Ice" is pretty cool.

81. We love throwback uniforms. Well, at least some of them. The Chargers' powder blues. The Buccaneers' creamsicle jerseys. Some Broncos even look stylish in vertical line socks.

82. We love colorful helmets and logos. Think the Colts' horseshoe, the Cowboys' star, the Chargers' lightning bolt, the Chiefs' arrowhead.

83. We love Silver and Black. Could there be any better team colors for a team owned by the NFL's original maverick?

84. We love Al Davis. He's going strong at 81 and just maybe he will end up fixing the lockout with these three words: "Just play, baby!"

85. We love the idea of eventual summer chaos. When the lockout ends, there will be a mad rush of signings, trades, etc. We're more than ready to go all in.

86. We love going to summer cookouts, smelling the waft from the grill and seeing a mirage of NFL tailgates to come.

87. We love thinking about tailgating. Getting to the parking lot hours before the game, throwing the football, wearing our lucky jersey, confident our team is about to win.

88. We love a great excuse for playing NFL video games in the middle of the summer with friends.

89. We love talking trash to friends who root for teams we can't stand. Joe Raven should not have an office cubicle next to Bill Steeler.

90. We love arguing about just how good a player is. Will Josh Freeman be the next Joe Montana? Is Aaron Rodgers already the next Joe Montana wedding hoodies sale wedding hoodies sale?

91. We love the new wave of rookie quarterbacks. Everyone's looking for the next Rodgers, the ultimate combination of arm, accuracy and athleticism. Cam Newton, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton and Colin Kaepernick all come with their share of exciting potential.

92. We love new stars emerging every season. Some of them improbable. Think Texans running back Arian Foster, an undrafted rookie turned NFL rushing leader.

93. We love that there are no "small markets." From Jamaal Charles in Kansas City to Maurice Jones-Drew in Jacksonville, stars can shine big wherever they are.

94. We love parity. Every season, we see surprise teams. The Chiefs winning the AFC West last season. The Saints winning the Super Bowl two seasons ago. The Cardinals winning the NFC three seasons ago. Who will be next? We can't wait to find out.

95. We love you won't win big merely by buying the biggest superstar.

96. We love the championship is decided on the field, not with a computerized poll.

97. We love warming up to the playoffs and Super Bowl. Baby, it's cold outside but we're just fine inside in January and February.

98. We love there are no seven-game series. Just three grueling hours with the highest of playoff stakes.

99. We love not hearing about labor disputes. Because once a new collective bargaining agreement is finally in place, we will hear a lot more about DeMarcus Ware, and a lot less about DeMaurice Smith.

100. We love the games always must go on, regardless of the conditions. We shall overcome the lockout.


Contributing: Vinnie Iyer, Scott Ridge, Alisha Hord, Carl Moritz, Clifton Brown, Dennis Dillon, Mike DeCourcy, Barry Reeves, Chris Bahr, Bill Bender, Benson Taylor and George Winkler.

Slideshow: Check out some of the NFL's biggest personalities, gleaned from our 100 reasons

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