(Del ár. hisp. búnduq, avellanas, este del ár. clás. bunduq, y este del gr. [κάρυον] ποντικόν, [nuez] póntica).

1. m. burujo (de lana o de masa).

3. m. Relieve de forma redonda que sirve de adorno en algunos bordados.

4. m. Pelota o bola de barro hecha en turquesa y endurecida al aire, como una bala de mosquete, la cual servía para tirar con ballesta de bodoques.

5. m. coloq. Persona de cortos alcances. U. t. c. adj.

6. m. C. Rica, El Salv., Guat. y Hond. Pelota o pedazo informe de papel, masa, lodo o cualquier otro material blando.

7. m. Guat., Hond. y Méx. chichón (bulto en la cabeza).

10. m. coloq. Méx. Ser querido, sobre todo referido a un niño pequeño.

Dos entrañables personajes infantiles llevan este curioso apellido: Benito, el leal miembro de la pandilla de "Don Gato", y Juan Carlos, el notero adicto a las apuestas de "31 minutos".

Ambas creaciones utilizan este vocablo que tiene dos claras acepciones: un objeto redondeado y una "persona de cortos alcances", elegante eufemismo de tonto e ingenuo.

Según la RAE, en México alude a seres entrañable, sobre todo si son niños. Esta definición describe a la perfección la personalidad infantil del felino morado y de chaqueta blanca.

Esta voz, de origen árabe, es más utilizada en Centroamérica que por este rincón del mundo.




Versatility is the characteristics of earth colors and Hermes Others Collection definitely have those colors. For more brilliant or bright colors, Hermes handbags have pastels and bright colors. Fashionable ladies can go with orange, pink, mint green, red and yellow for their bright and attractive get-up.


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Giorgio christian louboutin louboutinis clearly the hero of the first days of the Italian ready-to-wear showings for spring and summer 1982, which began here over the weekend. Like a Renaissance man, he dominated the day s activities, showing his own collection to small groups in his offices on the Via Durini. He favors loose shirts and bright colors shoes with red soles , giving a distinctive look to contemporary clothes.
On the Milan fairgrounds, where most of the fashion shows are presented, Mario Valentino had the best collection of the day. It is not a tightly kept secret that Christian Louboutin is the designing hand behind these miraculously worked leathers. The leathers are stripped shoes with red soles shoes with red soles, printed on reeds that appear woven high leather boots high leather boots, and for good measure some are shot with gol d threads to give the metallic glow that is obligatory for evening c lothes, high heel even when christian louboutin boots Salethey re rugged.
An Easy Alliance
If they keep this up, the alliance between Mario Valentino, the veteran designer brown leather booties brown leather booties, and Giorgio Armani, the expert tailor, shoes with red soles will give their leathers the supremacy and fashion that marks Fendi furs and Missoni knitted clothes.
The Erreuno collection may offer customers the touch at more modest prices, meaning price tags in three figures instead of four. Armani s hand in designing the Erreuno collection is also a not too closely guarded secret.
The collection consists at the moment of nonconfining jackets, shorts that are wide enough to be called culottes and to be mistaken for skirts, long pants that stop somewhere below the calf and above the ankles, and flippy skirts, usually stopping above the knees. There s a sash in the middle to keep the looseness under control, usually at hip level.
In his own collection uses these elements in lightweight fabrics including gabardine for day and chiffon and organza for evening. There are lots of patterns adapted from Amish quilts, and vibrant colors, such as red borders on green pants paired with a red jacket. Shirring around the shoulders and double sleeves give breadth across the top without the use of pads. Rene Caovilla shoesFor evening there is the glow of sequins.
christian louboutin shoes louboutin shoes uses some leathers in his own collection, treating them as if they were fabrics, but they are not nearly as elaborate as the Valentino styles in which tiny flowers are embroidered or printed, and stripes in various tones of pink or blue and suede tops accompany smooth leather pants.
On other runways, christian louboutin discount uk christian louboutin discount uk Claudio La Viola showedJimmy Choo discount layered skirts, all below calf length, and shorts with apron effects, and Andre Laug presented clothes with a couture feeling. His silk dresses and good-looking suits were knee length for day. Evening sweaters, shot with glitter, were belted over long pleated chiffon skirts.
Aldo Ferrante showed calf-length skirts made up of panels split to show shorts underneath. These were paired with bloused tops and are a provocative thought for warm-weather dressing.

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Wir bieten schöne Brautjungfernkleider, braun brautkleider, jägergrün brautkleider, brautkleid champagner, brautkleid bordeaux zu günstige Preisen online. Custom brautjungfernkleider design nach dem Foto. So einfach finden Sie Ihr Traum Brautjungfernkleider.

The thing about trawling vintage stores and charity shops for the best fashion trend pieces is that you realistically have to think a season or two ahead. Depending on where you are in the world will depend on how badly they get ram-raided once any particular trend hits the streets in a big way. So stocking up on cool, sale prom dresses original vintage pieces before the masses start hunting for them is the way to go.

Of course, current trends to stay on the look out for are anything 70s: crochet, bell-bottoms satin strapless wedding dress satin strapless wedding dress, big hats, ruffled blouses. But all that's fairly obvious. The less obvious future trends are more of a gamble, fashion news about evening gowns fashion news about evening gowns but knowing what to look for pays off once the flurry of punters hits are there's nothing left in store, and prices skyrocket along with demand.

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So with 2012's fashion trends on the horizon, what should you be looking for right now? So here are three trends to pick up now, rejoice in later:

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The emphasis here is on opulence. Keep an eye out for:

  • Exotic silks
  • Vintage kimonos
  • Oriental-inspired floral prints

1920s / Flapper

On the horizon courtesy of the upcoming The Great Gatsby film. Avoid anything too costumey. Beading and drop-waist frocks are all good, but for something even more unique and likely to be on-trend look for the more subtle 20s (and 30s) inspirations:

  • Wide-leg pants
  • Masculine-inspired suiting
  • Sporty tunics
  • Fur trims

Mod / 60s

Away from the 50s and early 60s prom style, look for things like:

  • Short hems, especially shift or sheath dresses , a-line and babydoll styles
  • Peter pan collars
  • Fur chubbys
  • Lace dresses, and
  • discount evening dress discount evening dress;
  • Pretty much anything that you might imagine on Jane Birkin or Jean Shrimpton

Naturally there's one more key thing to remember: best bridesmaid dresses only make the purchase when the quality & fit are right. A vintage find is only as good as it is wearable, and any piece - on-trend or not - should still be worthy of your carefully curated wardrobe.

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Written: 31st May 2011 at 05.50

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is a footwear designer from France famous for his brand of high-end women's shoes launched in 1991.

Once you give these christian louboutin uk as getting a most recent, you buy the huge quantities of comprehending and proficiency this institution has acquired far additional than time christian louboutin sale . christian louboutin sale christian louboutin boots babel . christian louboutin boots babel. anytime you choose the Christian Louboutin Pumps,louboutin womens classic mini ugg christian louboutin pumps red pumps shoes , you comprehend which you will not trouble yourself with these kinds of footwear breaking as a result of poor workmanship. These replicas generally are ready with this nearly a way which they will be the actual mirror images although utilizing the actual shoes. They enable the woman to discover ab muscles precise identical outstanding and luxurious with the point which is there making use of the real two of persons varieties of artist footwear. christian louboutin tan pumps . christian louboutin tan pumps christian louboutin red soles louboutin red bottom shoes christian louboutin sale . red bottom shoes christian louboutin saleAs speedily whenever you're due to this sort of sorts of pairs, you might have footwear or boots which is usually genuinely surely worth every single with each and every single cent that you sale christian louboutin boots ?ve invested on these sneakers. They?ll nonetheless glance attractive and closing a pretty prolonged time. together with this footwear you just aren?t heading to come across any be concerned of not becoming in a really placement to satisfy in utilizing everyone else. christian louboutin fashion

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What Will You Do To Make Your Ugg Boots Stay Looking As Fabulous

Every fabulous pair of knit ugg boot knit ugg boot 8 is made of wool, suede, fur, short chocolate ugg boots short chocolate ugg boots and sheepskin so proper treatment for these materials and fabrics are necessary. To retain its usefulness and the comfort it is giving you, look after them as if it is one of your beloved friends. Of course you spend a lot of money to buy this, grey coach women ugg gloves women ugg gloves cheap ugg boots for kids if not and someone gave it to you then you are lucky. Nevertheless, kids ugg boots sale kids ugg boots sale it is still on your possession so do your best to treasure it until the end. The ultimate question is: what will you do to make your ugg sundance sale ugg sundance sale 5 stay looking as fabulous as the first day you have it?

First, know the purpose of your Ugg knit ugg boot knit ugg boot 9. They are specifically made to keep your feet warm during those freezing winter season. While the weather is dry and the cold days are numbing your skin, your Ugg ugg sundance sale ugg sundance sale 6 can save your feet and legs. Because they are designed for this reason ugg clearance , avoid them from getting wet. Do not wear them during heavy snow or rainfall because even if you want to stay your feet warm, it would be useless if there is water entering your boots.

Since the weather is unpredictable, it is understandable that your ugg sundance sale ugg sundance sale 7 boot may soak in the water during heavy downpour. There are important things that you have to note if you get your ugg sundance sale ugg sundance sale 0 boots wet.

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Never put the boots on your washing machine instead, hand wash it with cold water. It is not advisable to use hot water since it can cause the boot to shrink. Once you have clean it, do not try them real quick. Never place them on your tumble dryer or on the radiator or near the fire. Just the same as hot water, doing these things can result to shrinkage. Just stuff them with paper kitchen towels or newspaper so that moisture can be readily absorbed at the same time orange ugg boots orange ugg boots, red ugg boots your boots will stay in shape.

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After drying, use the cleaning kits to complete the restoration process. Manufacturers release specific cleaning kits for each Ugg boot so make sure you get the right one.

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Every Woman great a couple of Christian louboutin Red Sole Shoes high heels, they are able to make you much more beauty and confident.The well-known red soles that occur to be instantly recognizable must feature in each and every womans dreams as a minimum as soon as in her lifetime!

Remember the famous designer said, Wearing christian louboutin sandals sale shoe that has a good health brown leather booties brown leather booties christian louboutin pumps , becauseUGG Classic Tall Patent Paisley 5852 Grey it force them to slow their s steps. the difference is taking a bike is different from driving a car . you can take a bike for enjoying the scenery along the way.
it is said that the Christian christian louboutin pumps nib black black of louboutin are at least 500 u.s.dollars per pair ankle boot , who canUGG 5359 afford are only socialites and stars, and these people do not need to walk, high heels so they don t mind the 18cm high heel. in this regard, lubutuo explained that the heel does not matter as long as the shoe type, then this shoe is absolutely comfortable. he adds that many of these design has a hidden bottom in the forepaws, although the heel may reach 18 centimeter, the height is only 12 centimeters. just one look at the signature red sole and you know you are in the presence of greatness, with a fabulous pair of christian louboutin gold glitter pumps, high heels high heels from UGG Boots 5854the science of Christian Louboutin Flats on sale , women don t need to worry they will hurt their feet. now cheap christian louboutin shoes sale on line at a discount price.
You can get cheap christian louboutin pumps christian louboutin pumps nib black online store christian louboutin discount christian louboutin discount discounted louboutins discounted louboutins, they guarantee of durability and reliability to the extent that the concept of comfort of these shoes is affected.

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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

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Since we all don’ wedding dresses flower girls t have yachts to dock sample wedding dresses for sale sample wedding dresses for sale, wedding bolero for sale wedding bolero for sale ball gown prom dresses we can pretend we do thanks to the nautical trend. The seaside fashion comes back each year, sometimes bigger than others and YSL designer Stefano Pilati ‘ bridesmaids flower girl dresses bridesmaids flower girl dressess resort 2012 collection is the perfect example of this. With dresses adorned with anchor prints and blue and white stripes galore the collection is completely boat ready . There’ boutique party dresses boutique party dresses;s a big navy meets jet-setter vibe with embellishments such as gold buttons, flower girl dresses cape town anchor embroidery, and defined collars. You also can’t miss the bold red lip and slicked back hairstyle each model was given which just exaggerates the Naval inspiration. The designer also threw in a few poppy print dresses , but clearly the nautical styles are a show stealer.

Are you ready to cast away with these looks or would you rather leave them on the dock?

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Bride features beautiful wedding dress galleries, hundreds of real wedding stories and stunning wedding photography. Plan your perfect wedding here.

“A spectacle like nothing else … their lifestyle will blow your mind,” proclaims the commercial for TLC’s newest show, “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” which debuted in a “sneak peek” Sunday night. (The official premiere is June 3.) A re-broadcast of the British Channel 4 show of the same name that has attracted millions of viewers and widespread media attention, the series documents the lavish weddings, as well as engagements, first communions, and other milestone events, of Irish Traveller and Roma communities. The “spectacle” includes teenage brides and grooms, elaborate dresses that can weigh in at more than 70 pounds (including one that lights up in the dark), bouffant hairdos, spray tans, stretch limos, and scantily clad female guests. “From the makeup to the miniskirts, from the heels to the hair,” TLC declares at the beginning of each episode, “It’s the outrageous, it’s the unbelievable, it’s ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.’”

What’s most outrageous, however, aren’ formal dresses for weddings t the celebrations on display: It’s the show’s voyeuristic, stereotypical, judgmental, and shallow depiction of one of the world’s most misunderstood and, at times, abused minorities. “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” prom dress stores prom dress stores (a terrible, degrading title to begin with) claims to offer one-of-a-kind insight into a unique community, but it manages to achieve the opposite. Viewers are instead offered an overly simplistic view of the cultures of Travellers and Roma—two distinct groups, though the show happily conflates them into one category—with scarcely any historical or political context about their place in the United Kingdom and Europe more broadly.

To watch “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” is to see Travellers and Roma as uneducated, flashy, and closed-minded people who live in mobile-home parks and throw enormous parties. This was easily confirmed on Twitter Sunday night, as viewers called the show “crazy” and “a trainwreck,” and referred to the women on it as “whores” and “hookers.” The show’s representation of its subjects was best summarized by one viewer who tweeted, “So far they get married @ 16, live in trailers & dress dress like sluts.” The truth about Travellers and Roma, however, is infinitely complex—and both Channel 4 and TLC have wronged these communities, as well as the show’s viewers, by failing to tell it.

That TLC’s version of the show—which has substituted an American narrator for Channel 4’s British one, but uses the same content—would be biased was clear from the network’s p.r. that preceded it. A press release described Travellers and Roma as living in a “hidden world” and having a “highly secretive community.” From the get-go, TLC’s language perpetuated a dangerous stereotype by instructing viewers to see these people as other, as aliens living outside the mainstream by choice. This sort of language carried into the show; in the two hours it was on Sunday night, words like “mysterious” and “suspicious” came up again and again.

The narrator also tells the audience early in the first episode that Travellers and Roma “ cocktail dresses sale ;are at odds with the world that judges them at face value.” Yet, in the first two hours of footage, there is no real examination of why this is. In addition to failing to clearly explain the differences between the two groups’ celebrity prom dresses ; origins—Travellers are ethnic Irish, while the Roma came from Eastern Europe (and originally, historians think, India)—there is no explanation of why tradition dictated for centuries that they live nomadic lifestyles, or of how rampant prejudice against them evolved over generations. Granted, the second episode reports that 90 percent of Traveller land requests are rejected, and it shows Travellers being evicted from their trailers camps. But the back-story offered is simply that the local council had instructed the residents to leave and they had refused. A twelve-year-old Traveller boy named Jerry tells the camera that this happened “[j]ust cause they don’ dresses for military ball dresses for military ballt like Gypsies”—and the show seems happy to leave it at that. No one on the council is interviewed, nor did the show bother to find a historian who might have been able to offer some genuine insight into the tensions over land between Travellers and non-Travellers. (The production team also betrays its own bias against the community’s way of life when a soon-to-be-bride says looking for a trailer to live in after getting married is no different than looking for a house, and a man behind the camera exclaims, “No, it’s not!”)

Moreover, there is no discussion of the broader Roma community, which remains Europe’s most hated minority. The slaves of empires past, the Roma were persecuted by the Nazis and, today, tend to live in dire poverty, often in shantytowns outside major cities in Central and Eastern Europe. They’ve been subject to forced sterilization, segregation in schools, and, wedding dress wedding dress as recently as last year, when French authorities destroyed dozens of Roma camps and rounded up their inhabitants, forced repatriation. A 2006 article in the journal Comparative Economic Studies noted that the Roma’s “unemployment rate is 100 percent in some rural areas” and still high in heavily populated areas, while The Economist has reported that “West Europeans … tend to believe that Roma migrants are responsible for an epidemic of pickpocketing, shoplifting, mugging— celebrity dresses gowns sale celebrity dresses gowns saleand worse [crimes].”

None of this seems to matter to Channel 4 or TLC. In their view, “Gypsy”—a term many Travellers and Roma find derogatory—culture apparently need not be understood in a historical or pan-European context. Rather, it is sufficient to see it almost exclusively through the lens of parties: plus size dresses women the clothes worn (or not worn, as the camera seems to gravitate toward women’s bare midriffs), the color schemes, the people attending, the mode of transportation used to get there.

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