(Del lat. collusĭo, -ōnis).

1. f. Der. Pacto ilícito en daño de tercero.

Esta palabra, tan moda en Chile debido al acuerdo de las farmacias para subir el precio de los remedios, define breve pero poderosamente la situación actual.

En el caso de los ladrones, ambiciosos sin límites y estafadores dueños y accionistas de las farmacias Ahumada, SalcoBrand y Cruz Verde, el daño no es a un "tercero": los perjudicados somos todos los chilenos.

Los remedios más necesarios para las personas (al final, todo se trata de seres humanos) eran subidos concertadamente por estos mafiosos de terno, corbata y maletín.

Para no darle más plata a estos patanes, busque la farmacia del barrio más cercana donde por lo menos la plata no se la llevan empresarios inescrupulosos.

Saludos rabiosos



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Viewing your lady get married is one of the finest moments in your lifestyle and also you also must appear honored as you're giving absent your little one. Merely simply because you might be the mother of the bride dresses doesn't imply which you need to look like an previous woman. You'll locate fantastic mother with elegant mother of the bride dresses obtainable at on the internet that can make you appear elegant and great. Maintain you head high and wedding gown oneself inside the celebrity wedding dresses whenever you witness one of the most unique day inside your daughter's lifestyle. It's a time honored tradition to choose the top designer mother of the bride dresses. There's a broad assortment of styles, fits and designs to match your tastes. But bear in mind to setup a budget before you start your getting spree. Likely in debt over a dress is going to be the last thing you sought after this time. When the spending budget is established, you'll be capable of choose where to store the cost-effective marriage ceremony dresses and what type you'll desire to obtain. Are you currently finding prepared for a summer wedding ceremony? There are limitless choices of gowns for this season such as the ball gowns dresses. You need to choose a mild excess weight fabric but make certain that it does not seem drab and uninteresting. The attire shouldn't be too restricted or too unfastened. Go to get a pastel shade like beige or cream for your evening ceremony and a brighter shade like deep purple or deep red for morning ceremony. Since it's a summer wedding you could choose some strappy, sleeveless or brief sleeves attire. Look at the couture short sleeve chiffon gown and royal off shoulder beaded shealth long dress at on the internet shops. A inexpensive mother of the bride dress might be the smartest selection for the winter months wedding day. It may well make you look stylish and in addition would make you stay warm. You might be in a position to team up the mom with the bride attire with some neat jackets too. Silk clothes with wonderful crystal or bead work on them would look amazing on you. You'll also locate some exciting collections in vintage inspired gowns too. Maintain pretty prom dresses or silver prom dresses in web fabric or the same material because the gown in situation you are not choosing a jacket. Put on a couple of elegant gloves for completing the traditional appear. If it's a spring year wedding ceremony put in all your efforts to obtain a colourful and gorgeous mother of bride dresses 2011. Pull it off by making use of a dark red and even an orange outfit in mild chiffon. You'll be able to also test many variable colored dress in mixtures like black and red, white and blue and so on. you don't need to worry if large dimension gown is precisely what you need. You can find quite a few stores supplying additionally dimensions elegant evening dresses that might compliment your figure.


mermaid wedding dresses

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I think most girls have nice dream of wedding dresses wedding dresses , and have the perfect style on your mind. Now your wedding party will be taken place after several months, so you have enough time to think of your great bridal dress. Although bridal outfit is one of the most important aspects for a wedding, but it doesn’t mean that you have to cost many time for it. Find good way to find good yet cheap  evening cocktail dresses evening cocktail dresses; wedding dresses so that you can save money to buy other things. I hope the following ideas can help you.   wedding gowns wedding gowns

wedding gowns 2011 for cheap on sale under $104 Short_Cap_Sleeved_V_Neckline_Nude_Lace_Wedding_Dresses

Look at your choices below to see how you can buy a cheap or discount dress , white plus size cocktail dresses then selecting the style would follow. You require not compromise design just to have an affordable dress. Go shopping on thrift shops and you’ll see a complete variety of wedding dresses designs with price ranges that are not very far off. Spend a few times to check out the gown. Whilst you may look for bridal outfit in good condition, some of them may have little rips and tears that may be fixed with a little thread or just a little accessory, and some may have stains that will go away with dry cleaning. Something about the dimension may be repaired, too. discount couture wedding gowns discount couture wedding gowns

discount couture wedding gowns wedding gowns 2011 for cheap on sale under $140 Unique_valentino_sheath_nude_long_wedding_gown1

If it’s a designer wedding dress you’re after, last year’s styles would nevertheless capture your center – and considering that they are older models tea length bridesmaid dresses tea length bridesmaid dresses, you can negotiate for cheap or lower price. A little pricier than thrift stores, there are famous designer dresses designer dresses like Vera Wang that choose their bargain price for the reason that of damage or a stain, but still, you get a style by your preferred couturier. purple prom dresses purple prom dresses

purple prom dresses prom dresses 2011 for cheap on sale under $111 3_4_Sleeved_Sabina_Neckline_Nude_Bridal_Dresses_With_Long_Train

Visit shops during sales. You’ve gone to bridal shops sales before and you also know how much can get for casual clothes. Precisely the same discounts choose some malls’ bridal dresses category. Make sure to come earlier as other brides are obviously for the hunt for these selling days. discount bride dresses discount bride dresses

discount bride dresses 2011 for cheap on sale under $129 Nude_Bow_Short_Sleeved_Lace_Train_Wedding_Dresses_valentino_sposa_pronovias1

Shopping online. More and more people would like to buy thing in this way. On reason is that they can get what they need without going out. And there are so many online stores on the internet that offer inexpensive wedding dresses inexpensive wedding dresses made from good fabrics. But before adding to cart, you should communicate with the seller to ask for full details, such as damage towards the gown, if any Tea-length Wedding Dress Tea-length Wedding Dress, when you only see the gown once they provide it for you after your purchase. In case the gown is not what it looks compared to whatever you saw on their websites or what the vendor has informed you, be sure you’ve discussed refund or alternative beforehand using the seller.   No matter what way you will use and what style you want to wear. Before going shopping, don’ orange bridesmaid dresses orange bridesmaid dresses;t forget to remember your body size and shape in order that you can find right one to make you comfortable and fitted during the whole party.

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Wholesale full ball gown flirt Prom Dresses for Less. Choose from a dazzling colors variety of long prom dresses, full ball gown prom dresses, flirt prom dresses, pageant dresses and more.

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Charming wedding dress for bride

What follows in this article are some tips that will make your wedding dress shopping as fun as possible. We know how important your wedding dress is for you and how much you want to find the perfect wedding dress find the perfect wedding dress . This is why you donâ??t need any negative feelings in this period of your life, hope our tips will help.

2011 Bridal Wedding Gown 2011 Bridal Wedding Gown

cheap informal embroidered wedding dresses online wedding dresses for cheap wedding dresses for cheap: 2011 Bridal Wedding Gown

Most of the wedding stylist thinks that is the best for you if you give yourself some time. This is why you should allow yourself as much time you need for selecting a wedding dress wedding dress . Nine to twelve months is the ideal period. Most shops donâ??t have dresses in all shapes and sizes; they usually have just samples so if someone likes something that item will be ordered. Rather that to buy the wedding dress from the track prom dresses wholesale , youâ??ve better order it from the designer the manufacturer. This whole process might take like 6 months or around 6 months. Once when the dress arrives, it will probably have to be altered and this will take some more 4 weeks for sure. So give yourself time, donâ??t try to be the one bride that wants everything as fast as it can and finally the result wonâ??t be the wanted one. Time gives always good advice, so take it slow and be sure when you buy the wedding dress that this is what you really want.

A Line Skirt And Beautiful Handmade Flowers Decoration Underbust 2011 Bridal Wedding Gowns A Line Skirt And Beautiful Handmade Flowers Decoration Underbust 2011 Bridal Wedding Gowns

cheap strapless short dresses online : a line skirt And Beautiful Handmade Flowers Decoration Underbust 2011 Bridal wedding gowns wedding gowns

Of course if youâ??re planning something simple and short, like a short engagement, you wonâ??t need six or 9 months of waiting until the wedding dress arrives. Inform the shop owner the date of your wedding and in this way he will know when is the big event, what dress you want and he will send it to you in a short period of time. You might have to pay a fast charge, but probably having the wedding dress will make you see that itâ??s worth it.

Lavish Ruffles A Line Skirt With Chapel Train 2011 Luxurious Wedding Dress Lavish Ruffles A Line Skirt With Chapel Train 2011 Luxurious Wedding Dress

cheap plus size informal wedding gowns online : Lavish Ruffles a line skirt With Chapel Train 2011 Luxurious Wedding Dress

Even if you are sure that the first wedding dress youâ??ve tried itâ??s going to be the one you will wear in the way to the aisle, is not a bad idea at all to try on many styles. Just in case that some other one would look nicer on you. Besides this is the fun part, trying on all kinds of wedding dresses wedding dresses .

Taffeta One Shoulder With Rouched Bodice wedding dress Taffeta One Shoulder With Rouched Bodice wedding dress

cheap ball dresses perth online strapless evening gowns sale : Taffeta One Shoulder With Rouched Bodice wedding dress

If youâ??re in a shop and the shop assistant is offering wedding dress tips, listen to what she has to say. Even if you might thing youâ??re loosing precious time, you should take it easy because you might find out some really helpful ideas. Think about it, after helping hundreds of soon-to-be brides to find their perfect wedding dress perfect wedding dress , they will surely know what you need. If youâ??re looking for something funky and different, wedding dresses sale wedding dresses sale donâ??t be afraid to try some color. Even if not the most traditional thing to do, a burst of color on your wedding dress might be exactly what you need. If you donâ??t want to wear a colored wedding dress, wedding handbag wedding handbag a pink or a blue sash could be the piece thatâ??s missing from a great combination.

Chapel Train Zipper Closuer 2011 Simple Fashion Bridal Wedding Dress Chapel Train Zipper Closuer 2011 Simple Fashion Bridal Wedding Dress

cheap long sleeve chiffon dress online : long evening dress long evening dress Chapel Train Zipper Closuer 2011 Simple Fashion Bridal Wedding Dress

Talk to the salesperson about the budget you have, before he/she offers you some very expensive types of wedding dresses . By letting her/him know your price there wonâ??t be any wasting of your time or her/his by showing you wedding dresses that you cannot afford. Donâ??t forget to include in your shopping plan, accessories like: veil, bra, slip, shoes, earrings, necklace etc.

2011 Bridal Wedding Gown 2011 Bridal Wedding Gown 0

cheap one shoulder cocktail dresses online : lace wedding dresses uk Satin Sexy V Neck With Shoulder Straps In Rouched A Line Skirt

Whatever type of wedding dress you chose and whatever your budget is you need to make sure that you select the best wedding dress for you. As Iâ??ve said, take your time and be sure that the result will make you smile. Have a great wedding day and wear a great wedding dress!

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Responder offers the classic and current fashionable casual bridal dresses, beach wedding dresses, casual beach wedding dresses for brides. Custom made service and quickly shipping!

wholesale bridesmaid dresses Ideas You Should Look at When Purchasing wholesale bridesmaid dresses wholesale bridesmaid dresses

Dnes v 3 simple wedding dresses under 100 simple wedding dresses under 100: elegant wedding dresses elegant wedding dresses summer wedding dresses 03

Wholesale bridesmaid dresses purchasing suggestions is here to be spoken of in this specific article. Bridesmaid is commonly a younger cousin with the new bride or an intimate friend of hers. The bridesmaid usually stands alongside the new bride and attends to the basket of flowers and all other demands with the bride-to-be. They're second in significance to the bride-to-be herself.

The simple wedding dresses simple wedding dresses for bridesmaid really should match the bride's costume in all ways. You will find generally many confusion when selecting the dress for bridesmaid. Following are a few guidelines to get considered once you go and buy any wholesale bridesmaid dresses .


Regardless of whether the bridesmaid dress will match the bride's is always the principle for deciding on a dress for bridesmaid. The dress for bridesmaid must not be so flashy that it disperses the center point of attention away from the bride-to-be. Cream white, in which often a bridesmaid will look elegant, may be the conventional color for any bridesmaid dress. A white dress with a black lace or wraped with black can present a loving look on the young the maids of honor. Sea blue, lilac simple wedding dresses online , cream, baby pink and so forth are actually progressively fashionable today for wholesale bridesmaid dresses.


As to material, it truly is far better to select sleek materials, silk evening dress silk evening dress this kind of as crepe, georgette or chiffon to get a great fall and ease. Heavy stuff should be avoided. The time of the year|The seasons} the wedding party is to be held may be the factor for being believed of when picking {the material for a bridesmaid long prom dresses. Lighter material is fit for summers, while silk, which may charge a little far more, is appropriate for winter seasons. What's more, free of wrinkle fabric is more comfortable.

Length of gown

These days, maternity dresses wedding halter top wedding dresses special occasion dresses ever more young couples are inclined to test out completely new spots, for instance in the sky or underwater, for their big day, as holds great value for selecting a bridesmaid gown. It can be flowy for a ballroom wedding. On the contrary, a shorter and drip free costume is much more appropriate for any beach wedding.


 The truth is good accessories can make low-priced wholesale bridesmaid dresses appear as if it's costly.

Jewelry, for example a pearl can help to make a stylish look on you wedding gowns tulle wedding gowns tulle, otherwise, sexy homecoming dresses just choose danglers that could also dramatize the look significantly.

As to flowers, you need to decide on those that go with the color of the costume and call attention to the complete search drastically.

elegant wedding dresses

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Our site offers flower girl dresses, wedding/bridesmaid/mother of the bride/prom/evening/cocktail dresses for affordable price.

satin bridesmaid dresses

mother of the groom dresses plus size mother of the groom dresses plus size

mother of the groom dresses mother of the groom dresses plus size 2011 for cheap on sale under $101 Prom_Dresses_Fashion_Trend_225x300

Which is the most awaited event of the school year? Most girls will say prom night. Yes, it is truly exciting especially when your guy ask you to be his date. But before that, you need a perfect prom dress to wear this 2011! You begin thinking about the following questions: What’s your favorite color? Which style suits you best? blue mother of the bride dresses blue mother of the bride dresses What kind of shoes go well with your dress? How to better your makeup at the prom night?

Take a cup of coffee and relax. Choosing the right prom dresses 2011 will make the night uniquely yours. You may feel like a princess in the hall. It is sure to be one of the most unforgettable nights in your junior or senior year. Remember the next tips while choosing your 2011 prom dresses prom dresses .

* Colorful
Dress color is very important to you. The right color will bring out your natural beauty and complement your complexion. Pastel color such as pink, off shoulder wedding gowns off shoulder wedding gowns yellow and orange are the colors for a fashion look in 2011. Bold florals and prints are sure to turn heads hot evening dresses hot evening dresses, while little black dress and little white dress never go out of fashion.

* Stylish
2011 prom dresses are not restricted to traditional styles any more. It emphasizes girls’ unique bridesmaid dresses unique bridesmaid dresses curves. Choose a sexy body-hugging dress and you’ red cocktail dress under 100 ll be the focus at the prom night. Satin flatters your body figure perfectly while chiffon brings out breezy and boho flair. Besides prom dresses ball gowns , belts and sashes can pair it subtly.

* Highlight
Your prom dress needs to accentuate your body part such as your swan neck, slim arms, smooth back formal evening wedding , beautiful shoulders or long legs. short gowns are most-welcomed by those tall and slim girls which boast a pair of flawless legs. With stilettos of the same color, you can even walk the runway.

* Comfortable
Since you are attending a dance party, make sure the dress you wear is comfortable enough to allow all your moves all night long. Since floral is very popular this year, you can decorate you date with exaggerated flowers and petals.

* Affordable
prom dresses should not cost an arm and a leg. Keep in mind that you only wear the dress for one night. There are many affordable prom dresses affordable prom dresses with high quality and fashion design available in various shops and online auction sites. Save the money and buy more accessories to highlight your date.

Ask Meenouir Cheung, who is from, for advice in areas of wedding dresses and Prom Dresses. We write numerous articles providing information for the customers. We carry a fabulous collection of wedding dresses wedding dresses designed to complement your bridal outfit. Visit today and receive discount shipping on any dresses.

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Custom your affordable prom dresses. Our tailors are experienced in hand-made strategies, like hand pleated, hand beaded and hand embroidery and so on to guarantee your satisfaction contain a lot of handmade processes.

wedding dresses 2011 collection wedding dresses 2011 collection

wedding dresses wedding dresses 2011 collection 2011 for cheap on sale under $127 Viable_Art06_Photos_publicity_640x480

This year’s projects were a creative mix of abstract and commercially viable art. PHOTOS prom dresses online shopping : PUBLICITY

bridal dresses 2011 bridal dresses 2011

bridal dresses 2011 for cheap on sale under $144 Viable_Art06_Photos_publicity_160x120


Since its inception, the Beaconhouse National University (BNU) has had the misfortune of being perceived as a school, where malingering adolescents hang out and party. Therefore the thesis presentation of BNU’s 2011 class, which certainly displayed ingenuity and craftsmanship at its best, flower girl tulle dresses flower girl tulle dresses certainly came as a pleasant surprise. Whether it was fine art, jewelry, photography or textile, each exhibit’s meticulous skill and innovative design wowed onlookers. “ red bridesmaid dress We have the best faculty and it’ prom dresses sales prom dresses saless all due to their efforts,” said the principal Salima Hashmi, while still candidly admitting that National College of Arts (NCA) remains the hub of the country’s most talented art students.

The students’ art work on display can be lumped into two categories — commercially viable pieces and conceptual art in the form of artistic installations. The corpus of art with popular appeal included innovations in simple products of everyday use cheap prom dresses on sale : Munazzah Kulsoom’s beautiful prayer rugs incorporating Picasso’s cubism paired with traditional motifs, Mehwish Khan’s newer model of the charpoy incorporating Turkish bokcja and Zunera Raza’s hand crafted macramé hammocks. Komal Ehsan’s work was the only fashion project, exhibiting a mythical superhero studded with conical origami shapes. Drawing inspiration from this pollution-obliterating incredible “green” crusader, Ehsan had created a synthetic origami jacket and a dress constructed entirely from conical hand bags. The ingenuity and finishing of the young artist’s were simply marvelous.

Graduating students like Hina Anwar, Tayyaba, and Momina Nasim used abstraction to express their artistic vision. Anwar crafted a tunnel called the dark muse to depict her weaving techniques while Tayyaba created a sponge city. And Nasim’s installation illustrated the paradoxical attributes of a women’ bridesmaid dresses satin ;s fragility and strength, by juxtaposing fish wire and thread woven together.

There were other beautiful and creative projects on display which are worth a mention: Saima Abaidullah exquisite lamps created from common pins, Waqar Ali’s eccentrically fun jugnu ties and wall installations, Ayesha Shafiq’s lovely mosaic of embroidery, paint, leather and transparency wall dividers, Aiza Shiekh’s furnitures inspired by coffee froth and Anum Javed’s mood uplifting space inspired from ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

The exciting exhibits managed to attract quite a few spectators. Fahad Husayn, the creative fashion designer and former students of BNU, had invited all his fashionista friends to the event. Husayn, who was also the thesis counselor for graduates in the textile department, enthusiastically gave guided tour of the projects displayed at his alma mater.

“Our students are so well equipped. They have access  something as basic as a quilt, to creative interior design solutions and concepts,” the designer explained proudly.

Regarding his own experience at BNU, the young designer said: “We were the first -batch of the textile department at BNU and we had immense creative freedom to do what we want, to use whatever material we wish to.” strapless bridal gowns strapless bridal gowns;

Kiran Khan, the head of the textile department at BNU echoed a similar sentiment about the university’s superior emphasis on artistic freedom and originality. “Indus Valley in Karachi has always held a very traditional focus in their work, which is great too but we need to move beyond. The NCA is very product oriented and students are advised that their work must be sellable foremost,” explained Khan.

“I wanted my students to be thinkers, irrespective of whether they were artists or craftsman. I wanted them to make a contribution to the world through design. And not just textiles but use plastics and new materials.”

This year’s thesis presentation shows that BNU students are capable of being just as original and creative as their counterparts in more established art and design schools, like Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design. And just like the way textile designers are able to highlight their work at myriad fashion weeks, these promising debutantes at BNU should be given an avenue for showcasing their work at creative events and presentations.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 5th affordable wedding gowns online affordable wedding gowns online, 2011.

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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

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A wedding is usually the most significant part of a person’s existence, and on the subject of the materials required for wedding people today generally want the ideal. The top wedding ring, the very best decoration even the most beneficial wedding dress for the bride. Wedding dress 2011 produced of chiffon fabric is most preferred by individuals, cheap 2012 prom dresses cheap 2012 prom dresses vintage wedding dress for sale vintage wedding dress for sale as chiffon is actually a quite eye pleasing materials. Good excellent of chiffons is obtainable within the marketplace and in many online shops. wedding dresses wedding dresses created of great top quality chiffon fabric emphasizes the feminine parts of a woman’s physique gold cocktail dresses gold cocktail dresses, which makes the bride far more appealing during the wedding. A wedding dress designer can do ‘magic’ puffy prom dresses ; if they get excellent excellent of chiffon wedding gowns , their skill can make the bride search considerably more stunning than ever having a fantastic feminine appear in them.

The affordable wedding dresses produced of chiffon is often located in a variety of gorgeous designs. Most designers nowadays comply with the ancient Greco-roman chic appear of wedding dresses . A stunning wedding dress wedding dress automatically enhances the beauty in the bride and fulfills her want of searching the best on the very specific wedding day. Apart from the Greco-Roman style, you’ll find numerous other designs from the chiffon fabric made wedding dress.

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Men and women spend a great deal of time on the internet and offline in search of the ideal wedding dress . You may discover a sizable array of modest wedding dresses inside the industry and it is actually generally too overwhelming to sort out the appropriate one particular for a bride. Even though choosing a short wedding gown wedding gown created of chiffon fabric, someone should not go alone. She need to normally take an individual skilled with her.

Apart from the bridal fabric, you can find other makes use of of fabrics. Essentially the most crucial one particular may be the interior decoration of a property. Gorgeous fabrics are very essential for decorating the interior components of a residence. They enrich the beauty of a residence lots. When a bride arrives at her husband’s home, she desires to decorate the house as she wants. You can find varieties of gorgeous fabrics readily available in the market place and in the on line stores, mother of the bride headpieces fuchsia flower girl dresses which someone can use to decorate a house. Decorating a residence with designer typically proves to become very complicated, as many individuals get overwhelmed by the wide array of fabrics offered in the market and inside the online shops. If great fabric is not chosen for the interior decoration of a house, then it might appear awkward.

The top method to prevent such circumstances would be to employ an interior designer. An interior knows the top regarding the interior designing and what interior designer fabric will suite the color and condition with the space. A lot of people today attempt to decorate their residence based on varied culture two piece wedding dress flowers , in such instances if the fabric will not match together with the furniture present within the room as well as the color with the room, then it won’t search very good.

Getting chiffon wedding gowns wedding gowns 2011 from any fabric wholesaler is no doubt a good thought; it will cut a huge expense from the total price. Folks can get excellent top quality fabrics from the wholesalers at pretty reduced rates.

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