Tutía - Wartodas.comtutía.

(Del ár. hisp. attutíyya, este del ár. clás. t?tiy?('), y este del sánscr. tuttha).

 1. f. atutía.

 no hay ~.

 1. expr. coloq. U. para dar a entender a alguien que no debe tener esperanza de conseguir lo que desea o de evitar lo que teme.


(Del ár. hisp. attutíyya, este del ár. clás. t?tiy?['], y este del sánscr. tuttha).

 1. f. Óxido de cinc, generalmente impurificado con otras sales metálicas, que, de manera de costra dura y de color gris, se adhiere a los conductos y chimeneas de los hornos donde se tratan minerales de cinc o se fabrica latón.

 2. f. Ungüento medicinal hecho con atutía.

 3. f. ant. azogue1.

Escuchaba una hilarante rutina del polifacético quinteto humorístico musical "Les Luthiers", disfrutando la magistral manera en que los intérpretes juegan con las sutilezas y a veces descabelladas peculiaridades de nuestro idioma, cuando uno de los los miembros del grupo argentino comenta: "... no había tutía..."

La verdad es que no tenía idea qué significa, así es que ahondando un poco y reflexionando sobre el significado de la frase que entrega la RAE, lo más aproximado que pude concluir es que es algo así como el karma.

El origen es curioso y sin mucha relación aparente con el dicho, pero no deja de hacerme gracia que básicamente la expresión indique cierta inevitabilidad de los acontencimientos...algo así como "no hay remedio", "es lo que hay...". Y es precisamente por ahí donde podría encontrarse alguna conexión, ya que atutía también  se le llama a un ungüento medicinal... no creen?


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Definitivamente las personas cultas conocen a Les Luthiers! Son lo mejor!

Felicidades por tu blog, es alentador ver que existan precursores del buen uso de la palabra como tú


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Making long-term objectives, talking about your personalities and ways to amend your differences, casual wedding dress being a good listener, telling your children that you need time off, helping with the housework red and black cocktail dresses , and reminiscing the past and recreate it are just some of the tips you can do to enhance your marriage. Marriage, Cocktail Dresses as in every relationship, is something that has to be cultivated and nurtured. Marriage will not be successful without proper care from both partners so they should not take it for granted. Investing adequate time and effort into marriage is one of a very important marriage advice for men.

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If your spouse is used to doing different household chores alone, evening dresses melbourne online evening dresses melbourne online an excellent way to show you care is to go out of your way to help her. Remember the good times and make them happen again Read a book together or go to a music show or movie that you both enjoyed back when you were not yet married.

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Your wedding party is the most significant occasion in your lifestyle. You is going to do almost everything that it will require to make certain that everything move well on your wedding party day. The idea is for this purpose that you must also take into consideration the kind of wedding dress wedding dress you is going to be sporting. It genuinely depends on the seem that you need to undertaking, evening dress sales most brides generally would like to search advanced as well as noble; there are those who also want to add a sense of remarkable effect.

In case this is what you desire, too, then you is going for vintage lace wedding dresses lace wedding dresses . Lace-type bridal dresses are really back again in fashion and lots of brides are currently looking for their designers to develop lace wedding dresses for all of them. It won’t be easy seeking for a single, midnight blue bridesmaid dresses or having one particular made; elegant bridesmaid dresses elegant bridesmaid dresses nevertheless you can always attempt to look online. The Web, all things considered strapless evening gowns , is a great field of information; thus you might as well utilize it. vintage lace wedding dresses can be of the easiest kind; although it also can carry elaborate patterns, a number of bead operate and also a whole lot of wide lace (certainly!). The wide lace along with the ovoids are designed to mail away from a romantic, innovative and trendy. Emphasizing your bridal gown with lace also convey a flirty, playful picture.

A few of the very best lace wedding dresses wedding dresses are those that were as soon as employed by the moms and also grandmothers. You simply change a small, modify some parts as well as voila!, your antique wide lace top bridal gown is prepared. What makes these kinds of wedding gowns more particular is that they’re typically treasures that are handed down on to each and every era. In case you can’t choose how you would like your antique wide lace bridal dress to appear to be, you can invariably ask a custom to design and style 1 for anyone.

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Personalized wedding dress wedding dress can be quite a cumbersome activity, but there’s just one that you witnessed, 2012 bridesmaid dresses so brides-to-be have to pay attention. Look around, choose a greater credit keep lace bridal lace bridal, and costs within an acceptable range. Size need to be accurate, never dare hassle, besides to know whether you will find custom-made wedding dress internet business conditions wedding dresses jackets wedding dresses jackets, just in case not being re-processed along with improvements. That the wedding attire business combines finished along with custom wedding, they don’t have any way to produce this assistance. So the actual brides-to-be have to pay attention that this is very important.
Slim: There exists pressure pleated up and down, vertical times, the the front buttons, V-shaped neckline along with princess wedding dress princess wedding dress seams model, looks slender slim.
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According for the wedding time, place and amount of formality, no less than before 3 months you choose a ideal wedding gown, asking the actual store no matter whether the discounted, modify costs, trying dates along with related makes a difference before modification.

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Custom your affordable prom dresses. Our tailors are experienced in hand-made strategies, like hand pleated, hand beaded and hand embroidery and so on to guarantee your satisfaction contain a lot of handmade processes.

From left: Lela Rose, Shoshanna, Alice + Olivia, Gryphon, evening dresses on sale evening dresses on sale Derek Lam.

Every woman s got it bridal gown halter bridal gown halter: that tried-and-true black dress hanging her closet, the one that works as well at a company event as it does at a cousin s wedding. It s well-loved and well-worn discount mother of bride dresses discount mother of bride dresses prom gowns , prom ball dress and, to be quite honest affordable wedding dresses online affordable wedding dresses online, it s a bit of a fashion crutch. Push it to the back of the closet this season, because there s a new LBD on the scene, the little bright dress .

Designers from Lela Rose to Derek Lam, Alice + Olivia to Gryphon clothing, are approaching the cocktail dress with an eye toward rainbow hues. For your next fancy affair, try a goldenrod Shoshanna dress in lieu of your favorite colorless frock. Pair it with nude shoes, delicate gold Alexis Bittar jewelry bridesmaid dresses taffeta , simple wedding dresses and an easy up-do. It s a look that s sure to turn a few heads.


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