1. f. Chile. Bastón de mando que se usa para dirigir un desfile.

2. com. Chile. Persona que encabeza y dirige un desfile.

Durante mucho tiempo pensé que esta palabra era de uso universal. Sin embargo, según la RAE, sólo se utiliza y entiende en Chile.

Este término alude al bastón y a la persona que lo carga. Así, Dióscoro Rojas es el "guaripola de los guachacas" porque es la persona que encabeza este movimiento popular en nuestro país.

Una rareza de vocablo es que al buscarlo en Google entrega apenas 7.600 resultados, mientras que si buscamos "guaripolo" (personaje de la serie televisiva "31 minutos"), el total llega a 27 mil coincidencias.

Eso demuestra el poder de la pantalla chica o la caja idiota.

Aporte de Paulo Saavedra




Yo me enteré por un amigo español que estudia el habla de distintos países que guaripola era una palabra chilena... de hecho escribí un post al respecto...



Yo =  soi tambor mallor ~ guaripolaa ! :D es bacaaam


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Particular bridal dresses Regarding The much more bold Star of the event!

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The actual in 2010 wedding gowns demand both equally basic and even stylish current types. Normally, the majority of would-be wedding brides choose the particular typical sophisticated galbe especially when you’ neiman marcus weddings neiman marcus weddings;re looking at their particular marriage clothes. Since guide is definitely the biggest market of awareness, it is vital which the girl’s dress will fit your ex very well in many factors since it is any portrayal about the woman layout in addition to style.

To the year The year 2010, cocktail dress junior the trend with wedding gowns wedding gowns is almost a rebirth of the past nevertheless a bit edgy to adjust to the routines and choices of the current woman. Choosing signature or maybe branded wedding garment isn’t always needed because nearby designers have in mind the evolving tendency. It’s usually nearly the bride to find the design shed like as long as clothes will bring out of the best in the woman.

Here are 2010′s top five hottest wedding garment trends inside no specific order:

(Just one) Traditional fashion wedding gowns in no way falter

Regular style clothes are still with simply because of their own elegance. Many women opt for this type of bridal gown style specially when they want of which ball sense. The main difference however is in the neck line which is cheaper nowadays as compared to yesteryears wherever fully-covered bosoms certainly are a must especially when it is a chapel wedding. And lastly, the color is obviously the traditional bright for that clear, classic glimpse.

(2) Modern figure-hugging gowns to the slim star of the wedding

This type of bridal dress is one of existing favorites. That trend will most likely stay for very long since women of all ages nowadays want to get fit and also slim to check their best. If you need this type, make sure that clothing will completely fit that you achieve the perfect silhouette.

(Several) 50′s design Hollywood allure

Nothing is also vintage while talking about 50s style your wedding gown . These are usually floor-length in addition to belted with the waistline. Most of these gowns are generally knee-length at the ankle rehab ebook and have utter overlay which highlights the sprained ankle treatment and lower limbs.

(4) Single-shoulder dresses for asymmetry

Couples have chosen single-shouldered gowns as opposed to the strapless strapless kind since this is a fad today for most garments and dresses alike. Even though it is not an special design intended for destination marriage ceremonies womens black cocktail dresses womens black cocktail dresses, some women who dressed in them also have their wedding vows on the seaside or with a resort. When you wish to don a single-shoulder outfit on your marriage ceremony, halter dress it’s best to sculpt your shoulders and neck to show all of them off in your wedding.

(5 various) Tea-length wedding gowns for the more up graiding feel

Several brides are generally opting for tea-length wedding gowns particularly if they don’t intend an old-fashioned wedding. Nevertheless, yellow bridesmaid dress yellow bridesmaid dress there are no policies when it comes to marriage ceremony attire to get a church service, as long as it can be decent along with proper, their bride-to-be has the overall flexibility to wear this gown when she wants to be able to.

Modern makers especially the youthful generations understand this design in this years trend. Could possibly touch of class in addition to practicality within it, as well as modern-day chic.

If you locate it hard to select what type of outfit to wear on your own wedding day, you ought to have a handful of options which could fit in your finances and over-all wedding style [if any]. Browse through the world wide web or call at your local artist for tips.

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Wholesale full ball gown flirt Prom Dresses for Less. Choose from a dazzling colors variety of long prom dresses, full ball gown prom dresses, flirt prom dresses, pageant dresses and more.

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If you have your hopes arranged on getting a summer time bride beach casual wedding dress beach casual wedding dress, then looking fabulous while combating the intense summer time heat is one of your top concerns. No bride desires to show up flushed within their wedding party wedding party pics or must enthusiast on their own to stay awesome through their reception. while the place of your wedding party as well as your gorgeous wedding party gown may be effected through the cozy weather on sale prom dresses on sale prom dresses, you may be amazed how nicely the correct veil can help your flawless wedding party show up remain ideal.

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Veil Options

If you are a summer time bride that is sporting a strapless wedding party gown, a brief wedding party veil can completely accompany your ensemble. Most brief wedding party veils veils are elegantly minimize above or concerning the shoulders. This design can not just provide you obtaining a traditional show up that accentuates your shoulders and chest region, however the brief veil can definitely help to decrease perspiration produced from insufficient oxygen flow.

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Fingertip wedding party veils are among most likely probably the most well-liked veils for summer time brides. The fingertip veil veil consists of layers of material that strategically extend cutting to precisely in which your fingertips finish, drawing the vision for your hip region. Fingertip veils not just help to accentuate your entire body by supplying you making use of the illusion of the longer, dove-like neck, but they are in a location to also coordinate with almost any type of wedding party gown.

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Similar toward the fingertip wedding party veil could be the elbow period wedding party veil, outdoor wedding dress outdoor wedding dress an extra well-liked summer time choice. The stunning layers of material that create this veil are slightly pulled to get in a location to highlight the contours of your face. while this veil functions to accentuate your entire body in all of the appropriate locations strapless evening gowns sale , winter bridesmaid dresses winter bridesmaid dresses mermaid style wedding gowns it only extends cutting for your elbows demanding consideration at your waist. many brides who approach on putting on their locks in the gorgeous up-do will find the elbow period wedding party veil to accomplish away their appear.

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Responder offers the classic and current fashionable casual bridal dresses, beach wedding dresses, casual beach wedding dresses for brides. Custom made service and quickly shipping!

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Dnes v 3 simple wedding dresses under 100 simple wedding dresses under 100: elegant wedding dresses elegant wedding dresses summer wedding dresses 03

Wholesale bridesmaid dresses purchasing suggestions is here to be spoken of in this specific article. Bridesmaid is commonly a younger cousin with the new bride or an intimate friend of hers. The bridesmaid usually stands alongside the new bride and attends to the basket of flowers and all other demands with the bride-to-be. They're second in significance to the bride-to-be herself.

The simple wedding dresses simple wedding dresses for bridesmaid really should match the bride's costume in all ways. You will find generally many confusion when selecting the dress for bridesmaid. Following are a few guidelines to get considered once you go and buy any wholesale bridesmaid dresses .


Regardless of whether the bridesmaid dress will match the bride's is always the principle for deciding on a dress for bridesmaid. The dress for bridesmaid must not be so flashy that it disperses the center point of attention away from the bride-to-be. Cream white, in which often a bridesmaid will look elegant, may be the conventional color for any bridesmaid dress. A white dress with a black lace or wraped with black can present a loving look on the young the maids of honor. Sea blue, lilac simple wedding dresses online , cream, baby pink and so forth are actually progressively fashionable today for wholesale bridesmaid dresses.


As to material, it truly is far better to select sleek materials, silk evening dress silk evening dress this kind of as crepe, georgette or chiffon to get a great fall and ease. Heavy stuff should be avoided. The time of the year|The seasons} the wedding party is to be held may be the factor for being believed of when picking {the material for a bridesmaid long prom dresses. Lighter material is fit for summers, while silk, which may charge a little far more, is appropriate for winter seasons. What's more, free of wrinkle fabric is more comfortable.

Length of gown

These days, maternity dresses wedding halter top wedding dresses special occasion dresses ever more young couples are inclined to test out completely new spots, for instance in the sky or underwater, for their big day, as holds great value for selecting a bridesmaid gown. It can be flowy for a ballroom wedding. On the contrary, a shorter and drip free costume is much more appropriate for any beach wedding.


 The truth is good accessories can make low-priced wholesale bridesmaid dresses appear as if it's costly.

Jewelry, for example a pearl can help to make a stylish look on you wedding gowns tulle wedding gowns tulle, otherwise, sexy homecoming dresses just choose danglers that could also dramatize the look significantly.

As to flowers, you need to decide on those that go with the color of the costume and call attention to the complete search drastically.

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Custom your affordable bridesmaid dresses. Our tailors are experienced in hand-made strategies, like hand pleated, hand beaded and hand embroidery and so on to guarantee your satisfaction contain a lot of handmade processes.

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Complement Your wedding dress wedding dress with the Right Hairstyle

Choosing your hairstyle may seem easy, but a great deal of thought should go into your decision to ensure that you get the perfect style to complement your dress.  knee length bridesmaid dresses ;

No matter what style of dress you choose for your big day, it is important that you complement your wedding dress with the right hairstyle. The wrong style can really take away from your dress and your appearance. However, the right style will give you just the stunning appearance you deserve. Think of your wedding hairstyle as an accessory or as an extension of your bridal personality, and choosing the right one will be much easier.

Strapless Gowns

Complement your wedding dress with the right hairstyle by pairing a strapless gown with long evening and formal dresses evening and formal dresses sweetheart wedding dresses sweetheart wedding dresses formal wear evening , flowing wavy hair. This style helps to even out the amount of skin shown by your strapless dress strapless dress while still showing off your beautiful shoulders. You can easily embellish this style with a hair brooch or silk flower to keep your hair out of your face and add that perfect touch.

Romantic Gowns

Embroidered dresses, evening gowns dresses asymmetrical dresses, prom dress ball and illusion gowns are the perfect chance to flaunt the runway and red carpet red carpet side braid style. By using this style, bridesmaid dress affordable bridesmaid dress affordable you complement your wedding dress with the right hairstyle and keep the romance intact with a down-to-earth hairstyle.

High Neckline

A French braid updo is the perfect way to complement your wedding dress with the right hairstyle if you have selected a dress with a high neckline. It helps to even out the high neck of your dress and can even show off embellishments that might be near or around the neckline. It also brings a lot of attention to the beauty and shape of your face.

One-Shoulder Dress

If you have selected a one-shoulder dress for your wedding day, it is essential that you choose a hairstyle that will even out the asymmetrical look of your dress without covering up any details on the shoulder. You can do this easily with an off-center chignon. Add some flowing curls or bangs on the opposite side of the chignon to perfectly complement your wedding dress with the right hairstyle.

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27 Nov

My cousins and I still gaze in awe at the picture of my Nanna on her wedding day, Her long lace veil veil trails neatly around her feet and falls perfectly around her face, She is beautiful, Her style is still admired by her granddaughters because nothing exudes elegance and femineity quite like lace, Lace has a timeless quality that gives it an enduring appeal, Lace isn’t just for the traditional bride, these days brides are leaning towards this delicate fabric for a softer look on their wedding day.

“Thanks to recent celebrity brides like Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian, lace has made a huge comeback for 2012,” says Roslyn, owner of bridal boutique Heavenly Collections.

“Long the choice of more traditional brides long beach california wedding dresses , lace has been reworked and given a new edge from appliqués to bodice details, as an overlay or as the underlay itself covered with a layer of tulle or chiffon, Featuring strongly in major international collections in gowns gowns that are both delicate and edgy maternity wedding gown , vintage and modern, with coloured underlays or the lace itself in pastels or even in black, particularly as ornate detail.”

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Lace varies so you can choose a lace that suits your look, elegant evening dressesprom dress designs ; cute prom dresses 2011 cute prom dresses 2011Most popular laces for gowns gowns0 are Alencon, (the most expensive) Chantilly, (the least expensive) Schiffli and, for appliqués and motifs, Guipure. Most laces look best in ivory, cream or pastel,   prom dresses 2011 uk prom dresses 2011 uk;All over white lace gowns, unless the lace is exquisite and rich, can look a little chintzy,” says Roslyn.

“Lace is suitable for daytime or evening weddings, particularly for church weddings with a luscious lace train but also beautiful for garden weddings, And it is so classic, that in 20 years when brides look back at the wedding photos, the look will still be current and beautiful.”

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Roslyn has this advice for brides, “Any bride can wear lace, it’s just a question of the type of lace and the style of the gown,  It really is a delicate, feminine fabric that, in its beautiful simplicity or re-embroidered and beaded prom dresses 2011 under 100 prom dresses 2011 under 100, can take the breath away, And isn’t that what all brides want,  A gasp of appreciation from the groom and guests,” bridesmaid dresses blackpool bridesmaid dresses blackpool;

Thank you to Roslyn for your insight, If you’re interested in any of the gorgeous lace dresses pictured here visit Heavenly Collections.

I am personally a big fan of lace and I have chosen to have lace detail on my own wedding dress, Are you a lace fan, Do you have ideas about lace detail you would like,

Leave a comment here, let us know on our facebook or tweet us,

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


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Your future wedding dresses beautiful - the main purpose for your pleasure, anticipation plus a pleasant hassel of preparing for that wedding. And getting a marriage ceremony gown - is not an normal buy, and practically a spiritual rite.

Sheath Satin Sweetheart Slit bridal dress
New arrival A-line silhouette for taffeta wedding gown wedding gown features sweetheart neckline accented by shoulder straps with pleated bodice. ruched drop waist invites the flare skirt cascading down to the ground with a chapel train, finished with self-covered button closure.

Taffeta Sweetheart wedding gowns Lady Choice
Smart A-line style for taffeta wedding gown enjoys sweetheart neckline with pleated bodice, sweetheart neckline wedding dress sale sweetheart neckline wedding dress sale while natural waistline is dotted with sparkling brooch at side, leaving the pleated skirt cascading down to the ground with a chapel train, finished with self-covered button closure.

Knee-length Embellished Beach Bridal cocktail dresses
Have fun! Sophisticated knee-length taffeta bridal gown features strapless neckline with fitted bodice dotted with charming embroidery across, while slenderizing ruched waistline introduces the enticing skirt hugging your body with appliques throughout, finished above your knees.

One Shoulder Taffeta Bowtie Floral wedding boutique wedding boutique
New York latest a-line design for taffeta wedding gown enjoys single shoulder strap accented by blossom floral extended around the pleated bodice sweetly. Overlapping ruched waist invites the silky flower girl dresses flower girl dresses cascading down to the ground with a chapel train, red flower girl dresses baby highlighted by handmade bowtie at back hem.

Sheath Satin Sweetheart Slit Bridal Dress
Petite, poised, polished. Pretty sheath silhouette for satin wedding gown enjoys sweetheart neckline with pleated bodice. Slender waist is dotted with floral at side, letting the slit skirt running down to the ground showing off your legs amazingly, finished with ruffled chapel train.

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